Social responsibility
and environmental

caryatid asset management

CARYATID AM is fully aware of our planet's limits, and is determined to do its utmost to promote ecological and social transition.

CARYATID AM is convinced that its asset management business plays a key role in implementing its clients’ transition strategies:

Through its global vision and its role as conductor of an orchestra capable of bringing together the extra-financial strategies of its stakeholders (investors, users, local authorities, etc.).

Through its expertise in rental negotiations and management of the work required to upgrade assets.

By its ability to build and carry forward a coherent strategy over time.

Caryatid AM is committed to a self-improvement trajectory, and as such :

Implements an eco-responsible and sober approach to its activities (transport, etc.).

Continuously reinforces its ESG expertise, notably by training its teams.

Raise awareness and provide support for our stakeholders: investors, tenants, service providers.